Spas and Hot Tubs

Patio Pool & Fireside will help transform your backyard into an oasis perfect for your whole family.  Hot tubs are not only fun and relaxing; they also can be good for your body, mind and spirit!  A long soothing soak in one of our spas is especially rewarding if you suffer from arthritis, diabetes or sleep deprivation.  So why leave home when you can have all the relaxation and comfort you’ve ever wanted right in your own backyard!

Our Hot Spring Spa line, including the Highlife, Limelight and Hot Spot collections leads the industry in state of the art design and energy efficient performance and has done so for over 30 years!   With advanced engineering and construction, Hot Spring Spas offer exclusive features you won’t find with other lines. Delivering quality and performance wrapped up in breathtaking contemporary style, Hot Spring Spas offer sophisticated sculpting throughout the shell, stunning points of multi-color lighting, and powerful jets for an invigorating massage.  You can sit back and relax knowing you’ve chosen the best – a Hot Spring Spa.

Highlife Limelight Hot Spot
Hot Springs Highlife Hot Springs Limelight Hot Springs Hot Spot

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And our Freeflow line of spas offers a great combination of features and price.  Utilizing an advanced manufacturing method that slashes costs while still incorporating many of the same options found in more expensive brands, Freeflow Spas offer ozone, waterfalls, lighting effects and more.  So if you’re on a budget – Freeflow Spas are a great choice.

Free Flow Spas

We also offer above ground pools by Aqua Leader.  These uniquely designed round or oval above ground pools feature no angular joints and are constructed of distinctive world-class components including textured walls, ultra-strong uprights and top ledges, solid joints and continuous curve ledge covers.


Spa & Pool Care

Pools and spas are wonderful to have, but owners do have to keep the water clean to fully enjoy them!  BioGuard has created easy step by step programs to help maintain pristine water in pools and hot tubs all year long.  The best way to start your maintenance program is to bring a water sample in to Patio Pool & Fireside and have our trained professionals test it.  You will receive a computerized printout with solutions to treat any water issues in your hot tub or swimming pool.  To maintain that sparkling clean water long term, Click Here to read more about BioGuard’s step-by-step Pool Care Programs…

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